Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finally took a break from all the work and stress and was able to get out to see O.A.R. here in Clemson. We went as a group of 8 for dinner before the concert at Mellow Mushroom. On our way back from the restaurant O.A.R was playing at a fraternity house so we got a little pre-show. As we were leaving the fraternity house O.A.R came out behind us so we were able to meet a couple of the band members. This would never happen if we weren't in small town Clemson!

This is the band strolling down the sidewalk.
This is our group of friends waiting to get in the door.

Here is the opening act Parachute. They weren't too bad.

And finally O.A.R. It was a blast!

Great break from the stress and chaos of this semester. To top it all off we are still trying to push out a paper with results by Thursday with no viable results thus far. Should be fun as I am leaving for a conference on Wednesday and will be gone through Sunday. Then its time to write a 15 page paper for class and take 2 finals by Wednesday.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We've had quite the wet spring so far, which is nice for flowers and trees, but the severe storms that flew threw on Friday we could have done without. I was just finishing up watching a movie when all of a sudden I hear a loud siren and talking. So I muted the TV to try and hear what was being said. All I caught was take cover immediately, so that is what I did even though it was dead silent outside and it didn't even look all that bad. Well, apparently a funnel cloud started its decent on Clemson and decided to pull back up into the sky. We didn't get an actual tornado, but it was close. There were 4 others that did touch down in nearby towns - one of them was an EF2 that practically tore a town to pieces. They are still cleaning up from it today.

Well whenever the warm weather returns it will be nice. I'm sick of cold rain and am completely ready for a day in the sun. The pool is starting to look real good and I'm hoping I can go lay by it soon.

On another note,I can't wait for this weekend. Besides the presentation and paper that will be finished, I have an O.A.R concert to go to! We have a group of 12 that will be partying it up. Should be a great break from all the work.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Even though it is a little chilly out today, we have generally had temps near 70 for the last 2 weeks. Because of the warm temps everything is in full bloom and it is so pretty. I love this time of year, minus the pollen. The trees are all starting to get leaves and the bushes, cherry trees, and ornamental trees are just beautiful. Every day on my drive into school I come around a bend in the road just to see a lush green background and 3 trees decked out in white flowers. The contrast between the two is wonderful. I'm hoping I can get enough time this weekend when it warms up again to take a stroll through the botanical gardens.

Happy spring! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.