Friday, May 22, 2009

1st kayak excursion

Last Saturday a group of friends and I took our kayaks out for their maiden voyage. We went to Lake Jocassee up in the mountains. It was a stormy morning in Clemson and we were a little hesitant to head out, but by the time we reached the lake everything had passes the mountains and we had a great day. Here are some of the pics I took from out on the water.
The view from the front of my brand new kayak!
This is Megan and Brett in the blue kayaks and Matt in the red/yellow kayak in the back. Paddle away guys.

The clouds moving the storms right past us. The mountains made for great sight seeing and since the lake doesn't have many houses on it we had barely any boat traffic all day long.

The sun came out and made it the perfect day!
This is Laura, she will be my roommate in August. Looks like we may be spending the summer on the water together.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy day

Today is going to be busy but fun! I'm heading into campus to set up for the Grad student picnic that is happening from 11-4 today, but then I'm leaving to go kayaking for the afternoon and then off to Maria and Jason's baby shower. I'll post pics of my adventures soon. I have lots to post from San Antonio and other adventures.

Congratulations Kersten and Kent on your new addition to the family! Welcome Alexa!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I am being super lazy today. I've done nothing productive except to take an ethical training course that I have put off all year. It's rainy and blah outside and all I want to do is grab a good book, curl up, and read for the rest of the day. Guess its going to have to wait 2 hours until I can get to the library though.

I'm looking for suggestions for good summer reading. Send me any suggestions you have!

Hope all the mom's out there have a great Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


The semester is finally over!!!

I somehow managed to pull another semester of good grades and am looking forward to research projects that are going to keep me really busy this summer. Hopefully I will be able to go out of town for a week or two for either a road trip or at least to get back home. I'll try and keep everyone informed of when I can get out of town so I can try and see as many people as possible.

Well off to finish a little work and then I get to go home for the day! More later.